The Coris - My Sweet House

Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Sweet Home Light
Household Shelter Hamburger Light :-) :
My Darling's Room Light:
Master Bedroom Light:
Bathroom Light:
Service Yard Light:
Studyroom L-Box Light:
Living Room / Dinning Room / Foyer / Passway L-Box & False Ceiling Light:

My Ximula System Wardrobe

The workers was here on sat, they took about 2 hrs to finish the work. My mirror was not instore yet. As the worker took the wrong side. Call my sales girl today. Told her one of my shelf got quite alots of scratches. She ask me did I told the workers. I say I did, she say she going to scold the workers liao bec the workers told me to call her to tell her this myself. So my mirror and the replacement shelk will be here again on coming sat.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Reno Will Start On 09 November 2006

Finally can start reno my sweet house already. But HDB haven finish my defect... It had been one month already, they still haven finish my house defect yet. But had talk to the officer in-charge, she say I can start my reno first. They will still do my house defect for me .

My Kitchen Solid Top - Corian (Aqua) Cancal

After a long think... I finally make up my mind to get this aqua colour for my kicthen top.

03 December 2006 :

Will cancel this order already. After long wait my kitchen top is up, so my ID call the suppiler and the suppiler call Osa (Singapore Corian Disturbutor) and Osa say my top that I want had sold it of to other customers. How can they just sold it off without inform us and check with us to see whether we still want this order anot? I wasvery angry lor. So will got get the top from them liao. No matter how good it is. Wonder how they do business one? Haiz..

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tornado Gas Hob From Bellari

Tornado Gas Hob
Flame power: 5.7kw
Bburner: rapid top flame
Colours: white / black / granite / maple / steel
Ignition: 1.5v battery
Others: flame-detection safety devicelifetime warranty unbreakable glass

I get this hob from Bellari as well. SGD 688.
I get the clear glass with white base one. It look cool to me.

Professional Sink (S28) From Bellari

PROFESSIONAL sink series
BELLARI's proud range of hand-crafted sinks.
Built for those who want only the toughest,
deepest and most professional-looking sinks.
*available in Single-bowl and Double-bowls

I got my hob from Bellari, the sales man say its a new arrival sink.
When i first see it, I love it. I get the double bowls one.
The Bowl is very deep in, which I like it alots.
I get the S28 (740 x 480 x 230)

Sunday, September 03, 2006




Most likely I will either get this two brand of hob as it come with lifetime warranty on tempered glass.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ximula System Wardrobe

I will get my dream wardrobe from Zhaplin Work Pte Ltd. They have two kind of system. Alumix & Ximula System. I will get ximula system. As I can get the shelf in glass. Which I like it alots. The above pictures are WIW but mine is only a 6ft L wardrobe with glass door.

Baroque D.zign

Since last year I have been looking for a good ID, so finally I sign up with Baroque D.zign in June. I hope my house can be nicely done up by them. My sister's house was done by them as well.If you see their web you can see my sister's house. Her unit is at Farrer Park or Event 3.

My Dream House - The Coris

Hi, this is my first post. I'm very happy that I will be getting my keys real soon. Finally can get my keys to open my home sweet home soon. Really can't wait to sweet my dream house and get my reno started.

This is my dream and sweet house. The Coris. Each block have only four unit on each floor. Which is know as point block.